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Research to Practice – A Recipe for Excellence

Welcome to the rich and valuable world of early childhood research.  As a Sprouting Melodies® Provide you have already made a commitment to excellence in serving young children and their families in your community.  Through this site, we will give you easy and accessible information to keep you up-to-date on current research and writings in early childhood best practices. We will draw from sources in music therapy, music education, early development, early childhood education and brain studies to find materials that can enhance your knowledge and expertise.

As a busy professional, we know you need to spend the majority of your time on actually providing services and building your practice. So in each post, we will share our interpretation and analysis on how the material we discovered can be translated into improved practice methods and contemporary understanding.

As an educated and experienced professional, we also know that you come to Sprouting Melodies® with your own knowledge base and skill.  Please share your research, clinical know-how and favorite research resources in the Sprouting Melodies® Provider forum.  Through this community sharing we will all keep Sprouting Melodies® growing and dynamic.

Evidence-Based Practice

Developmental Growth: Do parent/child music groups really support development?

Click on the link below for a great new document from Zero to Three on the importance of relationships in those first years.

Zero to Three Relationships

Recent Research Recommendations and Reactions

It is a really great day for me when I open my mailbox and find the latest music therapy journals. It gets even better when there is an article that I find to be useful, informative and practical. So you can imagine how happy this self-proclaimed nerd was to find several great articles in the recent copy of Music Therapy Perspectives.

Here are two that connect directly to our work with young children.  

Family Connections Through Music

Rhythm, Attention and Learning in Early Childhood