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Music sparks development

Watch a parent calm an infant with a simple melody or a young child keep rhythm to a beat. Engage a group of preschoolers in a repeating chorus or capture a toddler’s attention through words that are whispered.

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy;
but most importantly music,
for the patterns in music … are the keys to learning.

Music is a fundamental experience that can be designed to move young children forward as they form a sense of self and the skills to organize, interact and communicate. Where musical patterns go, brain patterns will follow.

We are Raising Harmony™

The Raising Harmony™ center is all about children growing through music.

Founded by two music therapists, Meredith Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC and Elizabeth Schwartz, MA, LCAT, MT-BC, our vision is to provide a platform for conversation and learning about music and development.

As an organization, Raising Harmony™ is a center that:

  • Bridges the gap between music therapy education and early childhood practice
  • Sponsors continuing education, business packages and referrals to music therapists interested in working with young children
  • Guides parents musically through the early childhood adventure, showing them how music can ignite social skills and enhance family dynamics
  • Provides programs, products and resources to educators and other professionals who work with young children
  • Builds community by sharing ideas and inspiration with Sprouting Melodies Providers® (SMPs) through online forums and live events


beth-schwartz-photoElizabeth K. Schwartz, MA, LCAT, MT-BC has been practicing music therapy in New York for over 30 years. She is internationally recognized as an expert in early childhood music therapy and is the author of the books Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood: A Developmental Approach and Verbal Skills for Music Therapists, as well as the songbooks, You and Me Makes We: A Developmental Songbook and Together With The Beat: Songs for Me…and You…and Us.



meredith-pizzi-rh-photoMeredith R. Pizzi, MPA, MT-BC is Founder and Executive Director of Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC, a vibrant music therapy agency in Eastern Massachusetts. She developed Sprouting Melodies™, a community early childhood music program which is deeply grounded in music therapy principles and strategies.


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