Parents as Reading Partners: Songs, Snuggles and Musical Support

Many of the children and some of the parents came to my school last night dressed in pajamas and carrying a pillow, stuffed animal and their favorite book. It was the annual Friday night pajama party celebrating a weeklong event known as ‘Parents as Reading Partners’ or PARP.  During the week, the families pledged to read every day to their child. Each title was recorded on a paper heart, and sent back to school. By last night, the front lobby walls were crammed with hearts- a testament to the dedication and concern of our and kid reading

My school setting is fully integrated, and so we have children with all kinds of abilities and challenges.  But the staff and families are committed to the importance of early literacy for every child.  Developing print literacy, though, can be difficult when the child’s growth is impacted by disability.  [Read more…]

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