Time Marches On…And So Do Young Kids

New Year's sunglasses in the outline of 2014.

Happy New Year!

Once again, I watched the Times Square festivities from a comfortable, warm couch. The television showed thousands of people dancing the minutes away until midnight. The music was pumping loud and rhythmic. The crowds looked energized and focused toward the deadline separating old from new. As excited as everyone seemed, though, the music at the stroke of midnight turned nostalgic and almost wistful. While I drifted off to sleep (the first activity to bring in the new year for me), I started thinking about the mixed emotions that surround wanting to move forward and wanting things to stay the same. [Read more…]

Peeling the Onion: Thanksgiving

For the first time in as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving will not be at my house.  The decision for the change was not deliberate; it was just something that happened.  Since I am not madly shopping and cooking, there is time to think about change and think about the focus on tradition that most families feel at Thanksgiving.  How do we create traditions for our children? What happens when creating tradition means lots of changes from everyday routine? Is there more to tradition at Thanksgiving than a turkey or a pilgrim hat?  [Read more…]

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